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For Pet Owners

  • We provide vaccinations with
    brief examination

  • Health Certificates for Travel within the US

  • Routine Lab Work

  • Complete Physical Exams that include a report card documenting exam findings

  • Special Prices on Puppy Packages

  • Prescription Medications especially flea control and dewormer can be ordered online and sent directly to your home!

What is covered in an Exam?

  • Eyes checked for discharge, growths, cataracts,
    lenticular sclerosis, iris atrophy, pupil response to
    light.  The vessels in the back of the eye will be
    checked for signs of hypertension and the retina
    check for any health problems

  • Ears checked for infection, mites, foreign bodies

  • Teeth checked for fractures, looseness,
    periodontal disease, gum loss, tartar pain, and

  • Mouth, tongue, and throat checked for sores,
    inflammation, foreign bodies, swelling, growths

  • Nose checked for discharge, infection, color loss,
    swelling, growths

  • Lymph nodes checked for enlargement

  • Heart and pulse checked for rate, rhythm and

  • Trachea checked for swelling and coughing

  • Lungs checked for air movement, crackles,
    wheezes, fluid build-up

  • Abdomen checked for fluid and growth.  Kidneys,
    liver and intestine palpated for changes in size,
    shape and thickness.  Colon palpated for
    thickness, growths, stool

  • Prostate palpated in older males for enlargement
    or signs of cancer and Mammary glands palpated
    in older females for growths and tumors

  • Joints manipulated and palpated to check for
    range of motion, arthritis, inflammation, swelling,
    torn ligaments, clicks, and pops associated with
    various joint diseases

  • Skin checked for flakes, oily build-up,
    inflammation, crusts, scales, growths, signs of
    allergies, parasites, mites or mange

Your pet is examined from head to toe in order to catch early
signs of problems before they become serious and more
difficult to treat.  

Why does my pet need an exam if it acts fine?

In order to stay healthy and function properly today it is
recommended that . . .

  • Your car receive an oil change, have its fluid levels
    checked, check and change fuel and air filters, check
    lights, and have tires rotated every 3000 miles or 3
    months.  This is an average cost of $30 or $40.

  • Your eyes receive a complete exam, including dilation of
    the pupils once a year to check for vision, disease to the
    retina, glaucoma, cataract development, and other
    conditions that can be corrected if caught early.  This
    can range from $65 to $120.

  • Your teeth receive a complete dental exam, x-rays and
    cleaning including polishing every year for $80-$150

  • And Your body receives a complete physical exam which
    may also include a pap smear, prostate exam, or
    mammogram every year for $30-$35 copay with

It is just as vitally important that your pet receive this same type
of routine maintenance and care.  Pets age an average of 7
years for each year that you own them.  TWICE A YEAR Exams
are recommended to keep your pet healthy and to catch and
correct problems early.  That is 1 exam for every 3.5 years that
your pet ages.  For less than the price of an oil change or
copay on a doctor's visit your pet will have his or her Eyes,
Ears, Teeth, Mouth, Lips, Nose, Heart, Lungs, Lymph Nodes,
Trachea, Abdomen (including palpation of intestine, liver, and
kidneys), Prostate/Mammary glands, Joints, and Skin checked!

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