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BAER Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response

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What is BAER testing?
Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response - A specially designed

unit will play a range of tones and measure nerve responses

from the brain to determine if the dog is hearing or not hearing.

Will the test tell me how well my dog can hear?
The test can only determine if the dog can hear or not
hear.  It does not report what tones the dog can hear or how
well it can hear.  It can determine which ear is capable of

Why should I test my dog?
The test is a big benefit to breeding programs, to
determine which dogs are deaf in one or both ears so
these individuals are not bred and do not pass on the deafness
gene to the puppies.  Pet dogs, especially older dogs, can be

tested if an owner is concerned their pet may have lost its


How much does the test cost? 
Show Pricing $65/dog

Clinic pricing $75/dog

Private testing $125/dog

Our tests meet all OFA requirements including:
Two tests in each ear
Verification of microchip/tattoo ID
(Now required for results to be transmitted to the AKC)
A signed OFA application form
(Does NOT include OFA fees)
An extra copy of the test results for your records
Testing Fee is WAIVED on repeat tests on the same dog!
(Other fees may still apply)

What age can I test my dogs?
Puppies can be tested as young as 35 days.

What breeds should be tested?
80 of the 160 AKC recognized breeds have been
identified as carrying genes for congenital deafness.
Dapple, Merle, and White fur colors, as well as blue eyes
are characteristics often linked with deafness in one or
both ears.  However, congenital deafness has also been a
reported as a problem in many breeds without those

characteristics including Rottweilers, Labradors, and  

Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

What is involved in the testing?
Three needles are inserted under the skin the of dog, 1
below each ear and 1 on top of the head.  Electrodes are
connected to the needles, and an earpiece is held in
each ear canal for approximately 1 minute.  No shaving is
required but alcohol is placed on the pet at the location
where the needles will be inserted.  Sedation is very
rarely used.

Where are you testing next?
Due to Covid restrictions and regulations, there have not been many dog shows,
so we have been holding monthly clinics at our base location in Sheridan OR.
We hope to be back to the dog shows in 2022 you can check out our clinic
schedule on our FACEBOOK page, be sure to follow us for updates.

What information do I need to bring with me?
For OFA certifiable results we need the owner's name,
dog's name, breed, and date of birth.  For AKC  to accept
results from the OFA we also need the dog's registration
number or litter registration number.  AKC also requires
that the dog have a form of permanent identification;
either a microchip or tattoo.

If you want a microchip bring, the owner's name, address, and phone
number.  Contact information for an alternate
contact is also recommended.

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