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OFA Services

While BAER testing is the main certification we perform, we do offer several other OFA certifications including OFA Hips and Elbows Radiographs

Well pet care

We offer well pet exams and litter exams for breeders along with a full service lab for bloodwork and vaccinations.

Dog Show Events

Pre-Covid we worked at most of the dog shows in Oregon and a few in Idaho offering discounted services.  At this time we have monthly clinics in Sheridan, Oregon.

Taking care of your pets health

New Clients

You can preregister here and save time at your appointment

Handling your BAER testing and other OFA needs since 2007

We are continuing to serve your BAER testing and other OFA needs from our base location in Sheridan OR.

Full online pharmacy - get
your drugs delivered to your home

If you have a current exam with us and need medications you can get them through our pharmacy

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